Our Family Info - the ultimate parent resourceOur Family Info Program Overview

  • Our-Family-Info.com provides young parents with a great tool: a  babysitter guide that ensures the babysitter is well informed and prepared.  Parents reduce stress.
  •  Our-Family-Info.com will provide 5000+ Our Family Info caregiver guides to community churches and non-profits and we will allow them to give them away to young parents in their community.
  • Through the guide, Our-Family-Info.com provides  local churches and non-profits a great communication vehicle to promote their family programs and activities and a really cool way for the churches/non-profits to build new relationships with young parents.
  • Our-Family-Info.com partners with the business community to pay for  the publication through sponsorships and advertising.
  • The businesses that advertise or sponsor a non-profit, get a year’s worth of advertising for the cost of one typical touch with a magazine or other media.
  • In order to receive a free guide, a parent must complete a “gift request form”.  This form will give Our-Family-Info.com the parent’s permission to send them a monthly e-newsletter from Our Family Info.  (The churches/non-profits that give the guides away must agree to add the names to our mailing list.)
  • The monthly e-newsletter will:
    — provide helpful and encouraging content to the parents.
    — provide opportunities for the churches and non-profits to invite the parents to upcoming events, programs and activities.
    — provide opportunities for the partner businesses to offer specials and reinforce brand awareness to the families.
  • Businesses may choose between 2 ways to partner & get their business info into the guide. 1) They can become a BUSINESS SPONSOR  where they would sponsor a page in Our Family Info for a church or non-profit so that the church or non-profit can use the page to invite parents or kids to activities/programs that they host. OR 2) They can become a BUSINESS ADVERTISER where they pay to advertise their products and services in the guide.
  • Communities that would like to offer Our Family Info in their city can call 269-350-4553 to get more information.