Why is Our Family Info Needed? Boy crying before caregiver or babysitter

Typically, when a parent leaves their children with a caregiver everything is a MAD RUSH!  As the parent is trying to get ready to leave, the kids sense something is about to change and get clingy or sometimes even start a tantrum.  Once the caregiver arrives, there is a quick exchange of info and then the caregiver has control.  Too often, important details about the kids are left out! These “left out” details could literally be a matter of life and death!

Unfortunately, the training for a job cleaning floors is usually more comprehensive than the training for caregivers of children.  (Except maybe for first time parents) 🙂

Our son used to babysit a lot when he was in Jr High.  I remember often casually asking him about the night.  You know the questions….how old were the kids,  what were they allowed to do outside,  etc.   Most often, his answer was “I don’t know.”  Now, admittedly our son was a very responsible kid, but I was appalled by the lack of knowledge that parents imparted before he had the responsiblity for all of them!  What if he had to call an ambulance?  He didn’t even know their ages or whether they had allergies!

It was at that time that I started creating a crude version of this caregiver’s guide.  Over the years I have polished and added and edited and upgraded until it has become Our Family Info. It is a caregiver’s guide for busy parents.

How does the Our Family Info
caregiver guide work?

When a parent completes the relevant pages once, they are ready for every caregiver….whether it be Grandma and Grandpa or the kid down the street.  Placing the book on the table and requesting that the caregiver read through it before the end of the night (or perhaps even bringing it to the caregiver the day before the babysitting assignment) will ensure that the care giver knows about your kids, knows your expectations and, perhaps most importantly, knows what to do in case of an emergency — whether it be choking, CPR or a fire!

The guide is also perfect for kids when they are allowed to stay home alone.

If there is an emergency — don’t count on the fact that the fire dept can find the house by phone signal.  The guide states your address.  If one of the kids needs to be brought to the hospital, the guide will provide emergency personnel the information that they need to treat the child effectively.

Every parent needs this guide!  The best thing is, that in some communities, theBabysitter has been trained with "Our Family Info" guide guide is FREE to parents!  That is because many community sponsors want to make it available to everyone who needs it.  If the guide is not yet free in your community,  you might want to point out the website to some of the churches, non-profits and businesses in your community.  A partnership can usually be formed between these groups.

Here are the
titles to the
pages in
Our Family Info

  • Our Address
  • Emergency Numbers
  • Neighbors Who Will Help
  • All About Mom
  • All About Dad
  • First Aid Kit
  • Kids’ Birthdays and Medicines
  • Poison Control Phone Number
  • Poisoning Symptoms
  • Poisoning Common Causes
  • What to do in case of fire
  • General Safety Rules
  • Choking Infant Response Guidelines
  • Choking Child Response Guidelines
  • CPR for Infants
  • CPR for Kids
  • Bedtime Info
  • Naptime Info
  • Where is It?
  • The Way we Discipline
  • Allergies
  • Outdoor Play Rules
  • Medical Insurance Info
  • Emergency Permission
  • Favorite Games
  • Friends and Play Rules
  • Our Expectations of Caregivers
  • Ideas for Active Play for 3 Yr Olds
  • Ideas for Active Play for 4 Yr Olds
  • Favorite Games
  • Special Info
  • Ideas for Active Play for 5 Yr Olds
  • Ideas for Active Play for 6-8 Yr Olds
  • Ideas for Active Play for 9-11 Yr Olds
  • Phone Priviledges
  • Video and TV Rules
  • Computer and Video Rules
  • Daily Tasks and Chores
  • Homework Guidelines
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Fun Stuff to Do
  • Notes

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a preview of several of the pages

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